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O Say Can You See

Walk in the shoes of the soldier who faced death at every turn. His humble journey helped to transform a nation. It all began with what he discovered in the jungles of Vietnam.

Standing in front of my truck, an unfamiliar sound traveled through the air. The sixth sense I developed from war immediately took over as my instincts dropped me to the ground. Debris flew past my body as the roof on the building behind was ripped asunder. I felt the wind of a disabled airplane as its propeller narrowly avoided removing my head. Death had repeatedly knocked on my door but I refused to answer. Once again I cheated him out of his prize. My name is Errol and this is my story.


By the Dawn’s Early Light

His phone was tapped, his mail was monitored and government agents followed his every move. A story so frightening it will make you ask, “Could it happen to me?”

Two uniformed officers were standing at the end of the street in front of us. Frightened we turned to go the other way and encountered two more making hast toward us. Grabbing our two small children we ran toward the small dilapidated building. My fists throbbed as I pounded on the door pleading, “Please open up I am a citizen!” Our only path to safety now slowly opened as I forced my way inside. The cries from my family filled the air as the men grabbed at their legs. With superhuman-like strength I pulled them into the dwelling and slammed the door. We were now safe inside the Embassy, but for how long? My name is Harald and this is my story.


What So Proudly We Hailed

Relive the life of the young girl who grew up being manipulated by the education establishment and government propaganda to follow a system so disturbing it will make your heart break.  The details of her story are strikingly familiar.

How could I have been so foolish? How could they have tricked me into singing songs of praise to such a wicked individual? How could I worship a system so vile and corrupt? Thoughts like these were now burdening my soul as my mind journeyed back through my childhood. Innocence and joy were replaced with deceit and betrayal. How do good, hardworking people turn away from morality and decency only to embrace the wickedness of Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany? My name is Sonja and this is my story.


At the Twilight’s Last Gleaming

A woman’s life is saved but the story behind it seems like a string of coincidences or was it something greater. A woman’s life hangs in the balance and no one seems to have the answers to save her.

The pain tearing through my flesh was like a hot bullet cutting me in half. Cold tile pressed against my face as I lay on the floor screaming. What could be causing such agony? Only moments earlier I was ready for a normal Saturday night. Now I laid in the bathroom vomiting and wailing in distress. Nothing I did relieved the misery gripping my body. As a frigid sweat encased me, I had no clue a life was about to be drastically altered. My name is Todd and this is my story.


Whose Broad Stripes and Bright Stars

Drugs, a 230,000 dollar theft and two convicted felons, can anything good come from this? This story takes an amazing turn and renews the spirit of the second chance.

One might say our meeting was one of chance, but we both knew better. I stole two hundred twenty three thousand dollars over the course of just four days. He had been dealing cocaine since the age of fifteen. Our face to face meeting resulted in a powerful new alliance. Partnerships like these usually lead to tragedy but ours is actually a tale of triumph. My name is Kyle and this is my story.


Through the Perilous Fight

Discover the secret of the World War II Medal of Honor winner who finally found the answer to his torments from war and relief from PTSD. His journey from the farm to Iwo Jima will take you on an incredible ride with a profound truth waiting at the end.

I fired several shots sending bullets tearing through a living, breathing human. He dropped to his knees gasping for any vestige of life, but it was to no avail. Crashing to the ground his last signs of life disappeared. In the middle of it all I felt no sorrow or grief. My mind convinced me he was not really a person; that he had no humanity. Over the years my feelings would change, nevertheless I was still tortured by the memories and I wondered if I would ever find peace. My country made me a hero, but my conscience told me I was a criminal. My name is Woody and this is my story.


O’er the Ramparts We Watched

Her small island home was devastated by the Communist Revolution. Hear the incredible story of the young girl whose family managed to escape with only the clothes on her back. The story you need to read about Fidel Castro and Cuba.

I slowly opened the tube of toothpaste and hidden inside was the money my father managed to smuggle out of the country. The soldiers thoroughly checked everything over but his ingenuity managed to get past their detection. Many people would love the thought of running off to an island paradise to live. Unfortunately our life depended on our ability to flee from one. My name is Ana and this is my story.


Were So Gallantly Streaming

He was shot out of the sky and faced certain death yet this hero overcame all obstacles leaving us with a profound message that can unite a nation.

With the pilot and co-pilot rendered unable to fly, the responsibility would fall to me. There was only one problem; I had never piloted any type of aircraft in my life. Harvard and Yale may be some of America’s top educational institutions, but no Ivy League school could compete with the immediate education I received eighteen hundred feet in the air and nine thousand miles away from home. My name is Mackey and this is my story.