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    Stories contain both heroes and villains, they are filled with triumphs and tragedies and they chart a chronology of the beginning to the end. They have the ability to change minds, sway public opinion and chart new directions. Stories become a welcomed friend, a shoulder to lean on and a reminder that help can be found. In fact, life itself is one great big story just waiting to be told.

    In this amazing book Best Selling Author Dr. Michael T. George follows the incredible journey of the lives of eight remarkable Americans. Everyday people just like you and I but with a life experience that can only be described as extraordinary.

    Discover the insights and truths of these incredible people who have faced overwhelming odds, cheated death and overcame great obstacles to paint for us a defining picture of America.

  • Dynamic Speaker


    With the dynamic ability to transform stories from modern day or those from history into powerful presentations, you will be moved by the dramatic chronicling of true life experiences by Dr. Michael T. George. With a style of speaking that is both motivational and inspiring, audiences appreciate the exciting principles that emulate from the stories.

    It has been said that his presentations are like “A fusing together of the elements of entertainment and education into one exciting experience.” Corporations, Organizations and Groups everywhere are stirred by the timeless principles of teamwork, leadership and service that are masterfully presented through his moving speaking style.

    History has an amazing way of bringing out truth we have often forgot.  Experience the exciting way Dr. George delivers the powerful stories from our nation’s past.  The incredible story of America relates to all audiences in a profound way.

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